How to Change the World

Stories of individuals trafficked across borders, away from home and into horrifying circumstances trickle through our news media.  Daily programs on the state of the environment hound us.  Pictures of the poor scream out to us, but what do we do?  The stories seem far away, distant plights of people we don’t know or see, but, in reality, our daily actions, decisions on what we buy and willingness to be a part of the solution are the only things that will change the world.

Here are my top 5 ways that you, today, could be a part of tipping the scale in a more positive direction.

5.  Get informed. The company you buy your pants from could be exploiting people. People have already done the research for you, all you have to do is read up and take an extra minute when you shop to read a label. Here is a Phenomenal resource (capital P!): The Better World Shopping Guide. Easy to read, easy to change the world! Be informed to make a difference.

4. Buy Well. Instead of breaking even, lets move towards empowered purchases. Use your money to give someone a job, use your money to keep a family safe, use your money to support a refugee. Here is one of my favorite empowerment organizations: Yobel Market.

3. Think Local. It is summer here in the Northern Hemisphere. Get out to your local farmers market to do your grocery shopping. You will be supporting local farmers, helping the environment and getting tasty food all in one trip. I rank this high on my list of favorite summertime activities!

2. Support the Next Generation. There are many ways to help put the world straight. Supporting organizations that are working with people in need are a great way to be a part of the action from wherever you are. Here are two of my favorites, so pick a hemisphere and give a little: 1. Kathmandu Children’s Home, Nepal. For $60.00 a month you can give a child schooling, food, medical attention and a safe home – all factors in improving the next generation. Split the 60 with friends or raise money with a group. Click Here to start! 2. It’s simple. One Doll, One Child, One full year of school. Original handcrafted dolls made by women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being offered for sale byRaise Their Voice.  One purchase and you have helped a generation move towards real success and opportunity.

1. Get on your knees. The truth is organizations, non-profits and aid programs have been around a long time. So what is the one thing that will push the efforts further, multiply our time and resources, and truly change a life? That humble, submissive attitude and remembrance that others are truly better then ourselves that comes through prayer and meditation.


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