Wow. I like this!

Links – People are doing great things around the world, and I am glad that Twitter helps bring them to our fingertips – Here are a few links I clicked on today and was really glad I did. Enjoy!

If your city had a logo, what would it look like? Here is one way to see what others are saying, or submit a design of your own: CitID.

From Brad Kremmer’s short film, “Hayaku,” which translates to “hurry up,” is a superb love letter to the land of the rising sun. I loved watching this video. It is simultaneously stilling and stirring (and makes me want to hop on a boat to Japan).


I tend to shy away from literary fads. Just because the masses are reading a book, doesn’t mean I will put it on my list. Last week, however, a few people all asked me about Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I hadn’t read it for the pure reason that everyone else had. I stumbled across it at a secondhand bookshop near my home and decided for $6.00 I should pick it up. I am so glad I did. Truly, I have enjoyed reading every bit of it. Gilbert does an amazing job journaling and expressing life, travel, trial, victory, distress, deep questions and the varying personalities that make up our acquaintances. It is colorful, meaningful and a great read. It both gives you wings and plants your feel at the same time. Not many authors can do that and still let the reader feel safe in the pages. If you are one who hasn’t read the book, I strongly suggest you do. I’ll even send you my copy.


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