From Bleeding-Heart Sap to Bleeding-Heart Smarty-Pants

The world of communication is difficult to understand. Diving deep into causes, changes, and who listens to what is a tougher process than I expected – one I am going through right now at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I was invited into an Independent Study under the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s DeCastro Chair. My Professor has been studying communications and the process of analyzing communication effectiveness for her entire adult life. She has taught at Stanford and Michigan State. She has worked overseas, in villages, with NASA and satellites. She is repeatedly published and considered an expert worth interviewing in her field. She is intimidating. Why in the world do I sit in her office once a week and discuss “International Media and it’s use in Global Change” until my brain shuts down? Because I truly want to be effective in my life goal of bringing the world into a better condition.

And I want to do it damn well.

If I spend  90 years on this earth and never study the people that know what they are doing, never look at the numbers and the facts, but just wing it and hope for the best, I have wasted 90 years. The studies that have been done are amazingly enlightening. Why do we throw them out with the idea that we know better? Why do we submit ourselves to unnecessary trial and error when the answer could be at our fingertips as we stand on the shoulders of giants?

This wasn’t always my philosophy. I love to jump in, travel, get my hands dirty, and have spent the previous 5 years doing just that. Traveling around Asia and Africa helped me see what the need was out there and come to agreement with my own desires, gifts and talents. Now these two things are merging and I have opportunity staring me in the face . . . down the road.  These things take time.

The wait is painful. But the possibility of true success is lightening the load – as is the possibility of reaching a little further then my own meager mind can take me.

I accept the steps of someone that has gone before instead of reinventing the system and repeating the mistakes.


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