Who are your stone throwers?

A week ago or so a friend of mine tweeted something about too many birds and not enough stones. I, oh so sarcastically, responded, “Just get more stone throwers.” It was my way of saying, “Been there. I know how you feel. I haven’t seen a clean plate for too long.” But I have been left thinking about my advice as my to-do list has piled up. It actually feels like the pipes of efficiency are clogged with the hairy-mess of all that needs to get done. Very little seems to be draining through in completeness.

The question is, Am I willing to let other people throw stones? (not AT me, that wouldn’t help anything) Am I willing to pass part of my list off? Am I willing to hand over the reigns and let someone else do it their way? Am I willing to spend precious time seeking another person to entrust with my own goals, vision, dreams?

I come from a background of independent encouragement. What I mean by that is my growth, and those that have stood with me to allow that growth to happen, has been focused on what I can do for myself. Neediness was not an option. It was highly praised to have an idea and run with it – you and yourself as your team. In many ways, this is a brilliant confidence builder. Being entrusted with anything that can be thought up sure gives you practice setting your feet and risking it all. But, on the other hand, it lends to a debilitating independence. It forms an “I can do it all by myself, like it or not, loose my hair in the process, I don’t need anyone,” mentality, and that is just ridiculous.

There is nothing on this earth that was meant as a singular pursuit. Nothing. Every journey into the depths of the soul comes with help, community, and a divine connection. Every risk, new business, great idea, piece of art, piece of literature; nothing can be considered complete without the influence of another. So why does it take so long to invite others in?

You know what I hate? I hate that moment when I feel like another person on my team has dropped the ball. The group project where one person doesn’t show up with their part, or the tasks that are the foundation to my piece of the project that are never done. I get to the point where I say I will just do it myself very quickly – either because another isn’t doing it, or they aren’t doing it right.  But it isn’t fair. There are a lot of people in this world that do great things, are great to work with, and have a brilliance that would be a beautiful addition to what I have already thought up. They would throw stones, hit the target, and gather more, if they were only released to do it.

Who are your stone throwers? Who have you gathered to be part of your team (and are you on another’s team?) – those that influence, have a say, have responsibility, are counted upon to complete well the tasks that involve everyone? I know who mine are, but I think there are not enough of them. I would like to include more stone throwers. And I would like to throw some stones at another persons giant to help them out. I have great aim.


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