Thoughts on all these NPOs, NGOs and bleeding-heart-Os

We Need Another Organization

There are a lot of non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, official societies with a mission for change, even church groups focused on global justice.  It is sometimes overwhelming to be in the world of global uplifting and see organizations that, on the outside, look rather repetitive in their missions and geo-focus. It seems redundant. But only for a moment.  It quickly becomes inspiring.

There are reportedly 27 million modern day slaves in the world today. That is 27 million stories that deserve attention. 27 million people that need legal help. 27 million beds in safe houses. More then 27 million counselling sessions to bring peace. 27 million hearts that need tending. 54 million hands that need holding.

Each victim requires a team of people that are dedicated to their freedom. From investigators of their case, to judges and lawyers; from a home to sleep in with people who care and are trained to help victims of trauma process and heal, to writers and artists that will bring attention to their needs; lobbyists, doctors, friends, family . . . the list could go on. Each of the 27 million modern day slaves need support.

Let’s say it takes an average of 11 people to help one victim (that is really low, but includes 1 judge, 1 lawyer, 2 investigators, 2 family members, 2 friends, 1 doctor, 1 lobbyist, and 1 communicator) 27 million modern day slaves with 11 people on their teams means 297 million people are now involved in directly assisting a victim. The population of the US is 307 million. That is a lot of people. There is room for everyone to get involved.

That means that every NPO, NGO, good citizen organization is needed in the fight against human trafficking.  Plus some.  When we add refugees, victims of preventable disease, gender injustice, education – the numbers sky-rocket.

We Need to Connect our Organizations

If organization A is working with homelessness on 12th street in your city, and organization B is working with homelessness on 14th street, they can also work together – Ideas exchanged, support and encouragement, directly sharing resources and reaching great depth together. That means the organizations, 1. Need to be made aware of each other, 2. Need to be willing to work together (even with motivational differences), and 3. Will reach their goals more successfully if 1 and 2 happen.

I love finding people that are dedicated to changing the world. Even if their mantra sounds eerily like my mantra, we are in this together. Working together will be better for everyone. Sharing the load will strengthen everyone.

I hesitated this week about putting up another story about a film concerning human trafficking. We publish a lot about human trafficking, especially lately. But, when I paused to think about it, I realized that that film will reach someone that wasn’t reached through the other mediums of communication. Maybe that one person will be a loud voice against injustice. Maybe they will be a witness, and since they knew what to look for, they will know what to do.

I am honored to be connected with so many great people: abolitionists, writers, speakers, volunteers, directors, advocates, innovators… They inspire me. They challenge me. They uphold me. With more like them, we could make more of an impact. Let us not shut each other down, but build each other up, find ways to serve and magnify the difference we all can make.



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