Why YES is so important

Opportunities are all around us. Opportunities for training, for exploring issues, for serving, for experiencing – they abound.  I have watched countless people talk themselves out of taking a chance on an opportunity, come up with excuses to stay home or stay away from an issue, close off and wall up when a chance encounter comes knocking. These same people are often the ones that say, “Why won’t something cool happen to me?” They drool over photos of far away places and admire multi-page CV’s of the friends and family that had the guts to say YES.

I am currently surrounded by college age students. A full third of my city is comprised of University goers and every time I get the chance I tell them to do what they dream of doing – to travel and live and dive deep into the world around them. I love and cherish my time between schooling. Those years of passport filling are precious to me because they helped form me, and I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. They cleaned up my world-view, connected my heart, opened my arms and filled me with something that is hard to find without the experience of other cultures.

That was my dream: To live and breathe and love in another land.

What is your dream? To perform? To orchestrate? To build? To give?

Say YES to the dream. Today’s dream is the stepping stone to tomorrow’s, and the next day’s, and the next. Risk it. Open up and jump. NO’s don’t really get you anywhere….


One thought on “Why YES is so important

  1. I think you are right. I think the scariest thing is to get out of your comfort zone or even to talk your way up to living life. I know I’m working on it.

    Great post

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