Bound and Determined

I am going to grow something this year, and I don’t mean mold. As Eye See Media has been working on its food issue, I have been inspired to attempt to grow my own garden of edible delights. I realize that my insane imagination of a rain-forest like plethora of  vegetables is highly inaccurate, it keeps me going.

So, step one, is probably cleaning up the soon to be award winning urban garden area….Check!

BEFORE - The wind has been blowing a lot of things into my yard. The BEFORE includes Leaves, Sticks and Trash











AFTER - slightly cleaner, but noticeable nakedness. I am pleased to note that I found SOMETHING growing in there and some worms. Both good signs.











Here, ready for the rubbish bin...









Here is my little tool bench. Needs some items, but promising in its existence.


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