Lesson Learned – May

I learned a very valuable business lesson this weekend: Lack of communication means lack of heart.

Eye See Media has been in a bit of a struggle regarding our current print. It has great content, amazing design, fantastic contributors, and, yet, it sits, unprinted because we don’t have the funds.

Only, we hadn’t really told anyone that.

I got an email from a contributor this weekend asking what the deal was. It was a blunt email that sent me into an Irish-like rage. I responded rather sassily, though hopefully professionally, to the email. We continued our weekend conversation trying to get on the same page.

I took the incoming criticism to heart: Our contributors really did deserve to know what was happening with our print. They deserved to know the background info that I had been rather too embarrassed to share.

I sent just that email today.

And then I realized that valuable lesson.

In sending the email I was able to explain where we were financially, but still assure that our hearts and motives were in the same place, regardless. I still desire desperately to share the stories and actions of people making a difference and inspire readers to do the same. I am committed to making it happen, even if slowly.

Not communicating that made it look like we were hiding something. It opened the door for shady assumptions, offense, hurt-feelings, disappointment, etc., but saying something directly made it possible for those we want to support to feel still supported and that we are fighting for their causes, too.

So, Lesson of May: Communicate! So that those who have given of their time, talents, energy and resources are sure to know that you appreciate them, hope for them, support them and will be standing with them despite the fire, wind and storm.


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