From Start to Finish

This blog series started out as a sort of desperate rant, spilling emotion into the universe in an attempt to unburden myself of the weight.

It worked.

I sit here today, in the last week of 30-years-old (and the last week of blog posts), feeling whole, peaceful, full of life and excitement.

Sure, the questions about life are still there, the situations themselves have not morphed into anything different than they were a month ago when this process started, but I see them with new eyes and am open to what they will bring me and teach me.

In this I learn a few lessons that wise 30-somethings probably should know:

To let it out, because people understand and you are not alone and the muddy water you are swimming in isn’t really muddy, your goggles are;

To seek connection, because we were made for connection and there are others seeking the same thing, and you will find like-positioned souls on this journey;

To get out of the house, because sitting in a tiny apartment and watching TV will not get you where you want to be and is so adventure-less it should be banned from life excepting sickness.

And, when all that is done and you just need to let it out, go to the beach and watch the sunset and some magical, miraculous thing will happen in your heart – you will realize the world is both bigger and more beautiful then you were letting it be in your mind and there is hope after all.

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