The Sound of Bloggers Block

Six posts to go about growing up, the passage of time, the life I am living and I have bloggers block…

Instead of my words, I decided to compile a mini-soundtrack to the last year of my life. I hope you enjoy some of these random, soul-touching tunes.

Some Nights from fun. I used to listen to Nate Ruess, the lead singer, back when he sung in The Format. Their EP was one of my favorite albums. They opened for a band I saw in Denver back in the day, but theirs was the album I bought. I love the sound of this song, I like lyrics, the percussion, the questions, the drama. It has gotten almost too popular, but I still sing it top of my lungs in the car. (On a side note, I have a bit of a hard time with the video, but, that isn’t the point)

Something would be amiss if I didn’t add in some Mumford & Sons…Love this song. I believe the line “I will wait…for you” has both been sung from my heart and into my heart over this last year. (Banjo included)

All Sons & Daughters perform what became an anthem for me during this year. It is a cry to my own soul (in the key of David) as well as a cry in unison with others seeking to live in a just and merciful way on this Earth.

I love this Cast version of 21 Guns by Green Day. I don’t usually listen to Green Day, but this becomes a powerful, harmonious tune and I just can’t help setting it on repeat for a good session of belting out tunes. Not only that, but so many voices singing out about times being hard makes a person feel like they aren’t going through anything alone. “Lay down your arms, give up the fight . . . Throw up your arms, into the sky. You and I.”

There is some deep country in my soul. Sometimes I just need a curving, winding, twisting, dusty path to nowhere. This year I found myself out in the wide land, taking in the green instead of the concrete to clear my mind.  Sometimes you just need a Rodney Atkins kind of back road to get lost and get right with your soul.

I hope you enjoyed this musical journey. What is your go to song(s) these days? I would love to take a listen to your life.
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2 thoughts on “The Sound of Bloggers Block

  1. Thank you for this list. I love Some Nights and Mumford & Sons and would have said almost the exact same thing about them. I’d never heard the cast version of “21 Guns” and now I think I’ll have listen to it again…and again. As for “Take a Back Road,” I like it and I agree that sometimes you just need some good, honest country, but I might have replaced it with “Dirt Road Anthem.” That one gives me the same sort of feeling.

    Thanks again.

    • I actually had Dirt Road Anthem up and Take a Back Road and couldn’t decide between the two for a minute. I love the chorus to Dirt Road Anthem, but when it came to lyric vs lyric for all the verses, Take a Back Road won me over for this list. Both good, get out of the city, jump in a swimming whole songs, though!

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