Procrastination Not Allowed

I am a natural procrastinator.

When I was younger I was actually given a “Procrastination Support Group Meeting Postponed Until Tomorrow” sign to hang on my bedroom door. It was clear from a very early age that I was gifted at putting stuff off.

I tried the excuse “I am just better under pressure,” but, the truth is, I don’t believe that. I am not. I like to be able to review and reword and rework something, giving myself time to catch the missteps and mishaps instead of throwing something into the wind and hoping for the best just to meet a deadline.

The problem is, I just always feel there is more time tomorrow than today. Tomorrow I have a better schedule, tomorrow I have space, tomorrow I can do it. Suddenly, tomorrow is full of a lot of stuff that should have been done today and I am wishing that I had two tomorrows in a row just to catch up.

I feel this pressure now as I venture into the last 6 blogs in 3 days before the big 3-1. Please bare with me as I try and craft meaningful thoughts and expressions on a short time budget so I don’t go into 31 already behind.

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