Who does that? My grandmother, that is who.

The countdown is coming down to the wire! In just 3 days I will make the leap out of 30 and into 31, leaving the past, smiling brightly at the future, and embracing what the next year/season/dream-life has to offer me.

While lots of women don’t like to talk about their age, a feeling I have sympathized with in the past, I would like to wear 31 with pride. I MADE IT! Out of the muck of youth and into the muck of a new youth.  31 is the new 21, which means I have a lot to look forward to and people better be ready to buy me some rounds!

I have heard more compliments this year than I think I ever have in my life. Just a couple weeks ago a customer at work suddenly blurted out, “Wow, you are pretty,” like he just couldn’t help himself (30 years younger and I might have blushed a little!). One woman recently asked me if I was old enough to vote! Um…yep, been doing that for a while now. Her response was, “Well, whatever you are doing, keep doing it!” Cute. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Good Looking. I am not used to these things being voiced in reference to me, so, I am going to soak it up a bit. I think most woman have a desire to feel that they are worthy of such accolades. While I will save my deeper thoughts on this for another blog, another time, I’ll take the compliments with a smile and let them usher me into 31 like Snow White’s singing birds wrapping me in beautiful fabrics.

While I might not look my age, I think my mind and body has aged, and with it, I see myself actually slightly adult-like. And, sometimes, slightly like the stuffy old woman I might become.

1. I have grey hair -I have had it for a while and actually love that I have lived a life worthy of some grey.  I consider it a crown of wisdom on my head, even though I dye it out. It is like lacy underwear, as long as you know it is there . . .

2. I have accepted awkwardness as a part of life – Everyone feels awkward sometimes, no more being upset that you aren’t one of the cool kids, no one is cool. Some people just fake it better than others.

3. I have a low tolerance for rude behavior – Like your grandmother making you take off your hat when you step indoors, I have come to believe there are some basic decencies that people could easily abide by if they just got their heads out of unmentionable places.

4. I have given myself permission to shut everything down and get to that awaiting book at 9 pm.

5. I find more beauty in small things – A sunset, a surprise, a smile, a joke, a glance, a new bumper sticker, a paint swatch, a card in the mail.

6. I no longer think boxes of mac & cheese or top ramen soup constitute a dinner.

7. I just bought washing machine cleaner…who does that? My grandmother, that is who.

These things might not make me an old hag, but they make me a happy young hag.


Side note: Isn’t this ad amazing! I love it.

26 / 31 



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