Thirty One More Things to Write and Read (aka An Announcement)

The process of writing 31 Blogs Before my 31st Birthday has lead to a question I didn’t think I was ever going to have to answer:

“Why did you stop writing on your blog?”

To be honest, I didn’t think many people were going to be interested in reading my thoughts and struggles, cares and cliches. But, you proved me wrong.

An entire week has past since my big 3-1 and the end to the blog series. I would love to make this year a year of writing and communicating, blogging and reading, having conversations and figuring out some bits of life that I have not had the privilege to yet discover. What better way to do it than through this (well-read) blog?

Introducing: 31 Misadventures, 31 Lovers Quarrels and 31 Ways to be a Woman.

31 Misadventures

Short stories about life’s adventures gone astray in the best of ways. Stories about road-trips, day-trips, planned-trips and u-turns; new things, new places and new people.

31 Lovers Quarrels

Vulnerable thoughts, questions, rants and ponderings on the most written about and read about topic in history: love (and my inability to figure it out).

31 Ways to Be a Woman

A personal journey about the expectations on today’s woman. From traditional flare to being a modern, single girl, what do we do when we don’t know what we should be doing?

I hope you enjoy reading what transpires over the next 53 weeks. I hope even more you lend your thoughts and become part of the conversation.




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