A friend of mine took a minute to ask some great questions, bring up some compelling Scripture, and challenge the way we live and I like what she had to say.

the thoughts i think

A week ago we wept. We wept for the loss of life. For the loss of innocence. Our pain was raw and real and our hearts felt exposed and vulnerable.

Now we’re mad. We want answers. We want solutions. Unfortunately, this is one of the most difficult, complicated and charged issues in our society. Catch phrases and statistics are thrown around with little care of context or clarification. In response to the cries of “it’s too soon” at the end of last week, I started an event on Facebook entitled, “National Day of Discussion: The Gun Issue in America,” with the hopes of creating a groundswell of productive conversation today. What actually happened was a week-long diatribe of both sides of the issue throwing virtual bombs at one another and those looking for compromise and solutions stuck in the crossfire. Some of it has been interesting. But most…

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