A Short Reflection

It hasn’t been yet a year.


I stumbled today upon a short journal entry from the first few days of my relocation to Portland, OR. Dated February 13, 2012 –

Well, we’ve arrived. I say “we” both because I refuse to think I am alone and because there is a piece of me that believes I am not.

Here, in this precious little house, slightly far away from the city, yet a few steps from it as well, I feel warmth and peace and excitement. The tears only come when I think of the loved ones I can’t immediately see, but it is matched with the hope that they will visit and I will return for a visit as well.

The living space is shaping up nicely. Little comforts are finding their way into the home and with each one  I feel more and more like it is mine. I think of the joys and comfort of staying here in the future and that helps me get to the next day. Though, the next day has a lot of worries of it’s own.

What will tomorrow bring? I am not sure. The fear lingers just on the edges of my pondering. Like the first night, it threatens, but here I stand hoping and praying that it does not overtake.

On the bookshelf, one of the only pieces of furniture I have, are stacks of autobiographies. Each one tells stories of hardship, change, challenge and even life in new cities. Each one overcomes and contributes to society or our understanding of it. I hope to be like these. I hope to look at this city as an opportunity to meet the world, experience their stories, grow and share their triumph and become a better member of heaven and earth.

Here I must pause and give thanks. Yesterday, at a small church just a block away a man was overtaken by the Spirit and shared a word I believe was for me. He spoke of someone who had been questioning the reality of God and assured them of his presence. He reminded them of his safety and provision and asked them to come meet with God…

I choose to reflect today on the provision, goodness and beauty that has been provided me this year. I never expected such wonder and whimsy to mark my days and I am in awe of the short time it has taken for God to do his great work of knitting me into this town and this community. When I first arrived I doubted I would ever find a place to call home, the safety of friendship, the comfort of being known. Today I believe I was brought here with divine guidance and purpose.


2 thoughts on “A Short Reflection

    • I sure hope you are! It would be an even more amazing place to have you amazing friends here with me. I would love consistent access to your wisdom, your inspiration and your truth. I PRAY you are led into the amazingness that is Portland, OR. 🙂

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