Ash Wednesday

“Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain wisdom of heart.”

Ash Wednesday is a recognition of the infinite mystery that is my faith. It is a mark on the forehead, it is a mark on the palm of Christ. It is a recognition that life is not all joy and happiness, it is not all beauty and splendor. Life has sorrow, loneliness and grief that we only connect with through the desert.

From ashes we came. To ashes we will return.

Even before today I came to think on the end of my days. I only have so many. I can only do so much. Not in morbidity, but in realization that I am finite on this Earth and that limit makes my every moment more valuable. The idea that we live forever or have all the time in the world makes our days able to be squandered – for there is always more. The recognition that we will be, one moment, at the last breath with no way to turn or change or redo makes today a day of turning.

Turn now and be reunited with Christ. 

Today is a recognition of mystery – that Christ would endure pain for us. That He would endure sorrow. That He would endure loneliness and temptation. That today I can turn from my own wicked ways and be reunited with Him.  That, in repentance, I seek to be united with the One I love.

Do you celebrate Ash Wednesday? What are your thoughts on these mysteries of faith?


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