3: In Risk

I sit at Portland International Airport gazing out of giant picture windows towards an awaiting aircraft. The beautiful blue sky is backdropping taxi-ing planes, tractors of luggage and various airport personnel as they act out the largest logistical facilitation I can imagine.

My Instagram of the moment is hashtagged #PhillyorBust.

My flight today will take me through Chicago to the City of Brotherly Love where a team of photographers, videographers, artists, coordinators, facilitators and volunteers will be partnering with The Justice Conference to engage an interactive art exhibit.

We have been working on the plans and details of this exhibit for months and it is all coming down to this weekend. On Friday last we got word that several key components of the installation were under question by the Union workers at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, effectively putting the piece at risk. We also got word that an insurance miscommunication could result in several thousands of dollars in added fees and our flights had been misbooked, guaranteeing we would miss connections and be stuck in Newark.

Small pieces have come together and prayers in faith have been cried out and I sit here waiting for a flight into the unknown.


Covered wagons crossing the wild west painted “Pikes Peak or Bust” on their white canvas coverings. Pioneers leaving the known fought to push into the potential of something only dreamt, not yet realized. The plains and mountains became their stage and life had infinite expansion in the dreams and hearts of these brave wanderers.  The long, dry days left too much room for doubt to come sneaking in beside hardship. Sickness, danger, fatigue marked the way and those pioneers had to make the decision to venture onward, banking on faith and possibility, or stop, turn back and accept defeat.

I am not willing to accept defeat. Philly or Bust.

And, even if we bust, I will know that my all was given. I tried. I poured into and did not bury my talents. I turned them into something worth offering He who gave me the talents in the first place.

This season I choose to recognize the face of Christ in my risk. That he calls us to take what he has given us and use it for his glory without promised success or known outcome.




[Our responses and reactions to the things that happen around us reveal the depth of our character and nature.
They are opportunities, also, to show the character and love of God.
This Lenten Season I am practicing awareness by looking for deep truth in everyday things.]

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