6: In Friendship

friends,fashion,girls,legs,photo,vintage-da0abca4271b70d003e0d01b3a83ea41_h_largeI have become more connected and more thankful for my friends during this Lenten season. Trials have bound us, honesty has tied us together, emotions have gripped us, and truth has set our hearts free. It has not been an easy season for any of us. No one person could say they had it all together and figured out, ready to lead us onward, but together, as a muddled bunch of chaos and brokenness we have begun to see the face of God.

I am so thankful that God reveals himself in community. He is good to not ask us to walk alone each and every trial. He is great to see that we need those that perceive differently to help us focus on what matters. He is masterful at connecting hearts for his Glory and our own, much needed, moral support.


[Our responses and reactions to the things that happen around us reveal the depth of our character and nature.
They are opportunities, also, to show the character and love of God.
This Lenten Season I am practicing awareness by looking for deep truth in everyday things.
Check out other posts under Lent.]

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