Intro: 100 Days Challenge


Last month I went on a three day retreat in the lovely wilderness of Oregon. The entire retreat was designed for artists. On one of the nights there was an open mic/open wall night where people could share a little bit about their projects and play some tunes and one of the visitors shared  sketches from a 100 day artist’s challenge that  she had been participating in as she travelled around the the United States. I was inspired by her take on life along her journey and began thinking about setting a timed challenge for myself.

Today I found a list for a 100 day writing challenge and I have decided to take it up for the summer to the best of my ability. Starting this week I will post bits and pieces of the challenge on this blog, but, since it is summer in Oregon, I commit only to putting words down in a journal while soaking in the sun and enjoying this perfect version of the season – aka offline. If I get really creative I will scan the journal entries in and post them as images. After all, there is just something about what pen marks look like on paper.

Want to join me on this journey? I would love that. Here is the 100 themes list to work off of. In order. Feel free to express in art, music, knitting, photography, collage, sound, poetry, woodworking, boat-building or sky writing. All forms are welcome. Anyone know a cake decorator that needs a challenge?

Let me know if you are posting so I can follow and share your blog!


1. Birth

2. Enthusiasm

3. Love

4. Hate

5. Triumph
6. Feel

7. Wrecked

8. Soft

9. Cold

10. Without
11. Inspiration
12. You
13. Confused

14. Affection

15. Joy

16. Horror
17. Acceptance, 18. Sympathy, 19. Holding

20. Defeated
21. Pride

22. Knife
23. Overwhelmed

24. Depressed
25. Adoration

26. Worship

27. Zeal
28. Light
29. Exhaustion
30. Obsession
31. Rage
32. Empty
33. Anger
34. Fury
35. Delight
36. Submission
37. Infatuation
38. Anticipation
39. Pessimistic
40. Jolly
41. Grasping
42. Agitation
43. Calm
44. Astonished
45. Loneliness
46. Lust
47. Longing
48. Tender
49. Hard
50. Rebirth
51. Amused
52. Broken
53. Abused
54. Tranquil
55. Composed
56. Glad
57. Stress
58. Serenity
59. Colorful
60. Coping
61. Boisterous
62. Placid
63. Tired
64. Bliss
65. Neglect
66. Fine
67. Question
68. Energetic
69. Noble
70. Disgust
71. Lively
72. Power
73. Pity
74. Humiliation
75. Satisfied
76. Thankful
77. Hyper
78. Goosebumps
79. Worthless
80. Remorse
81. Degraded
82. Revenge
83. Fulfilled
84. Shame
85. Graceful
86. Shining
87. Content
88. Feelings
89. Pleased
90. Relief
91. I
92. Zest
93. Tears
94. Building
95. Optimistic
96. Thrilled
97. Dealing
98. Reflect
99. Embarrassment
100. Death


14 thoughts on “Intro: 100 Days Challenge

  1. Hi Darcie! It’s me again. I follow your blog and this one seemed like a fun challenge. I teach Advanced Writing Skills at the high school level, and I am going to use this list for my seniors in this course. It’s a semester class, so I will scale down the list but I’m excited about it. To practice what I teach so to speak, I’m taking the challenge as well. I just posted Day 1: Birth. I’m going to be like you and not post every single day, but only what I want to on occasion. Thanks for sharing this. Here’s my blog post if you want to check it out:

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  4. Great idea! I’ve done 30-Day Challenges before, sticking with one main thing for 30 days, but this looks interesting with the variety to keep me motivated…and I’ve already got #1 covered. One of my best friends became a grandmother today!!

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