2/100 // Enthusiasm

Is enthusiasm best left to kids?

Is it more important what society forbids?

Is it wrong to get so excited about a day, a change, a thing to do,

that you squirm in your seat and dance and smile, too?

Do we grow out of enthusiasm, leaving it for serious fears

and look down on those that respond with cheers?

Why do we tell people to calm down and be quiet,

to exchange their favorite dessert for a diet?

What are we hoping to prove?

Why is it so important to remove

the fresh look at the sky

and the sparkle in the eye

that comes when we are born

but we soon learn to mourn

for somehow we’ve decided enthusiasm is boring.

Here is something I am really enthusiastic about right now, down right giddy:

My first Portland commuter bike. New to me, a free hand-me-down that fits just right and makes me butterfly-in-the-tummy excited to ride these roads, conquer these hills and connect with the wind in my face.



2 thoughts on “2/100 // Enthusiasm

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