14/100 // Affection

I got these photos in a text from my sister. This is my nephew and Brewster the bear. There are one hundred things I love about this and all it symbolizes. It makes my heart rejoice.


My nephew is my favorite human currently on this planet. He is brilliant and joyous, funny and caring, but more than that his arrival opened my heart to love deeper and I am not the only one. It also brought people together and brought a peace to relationships that were hurting. When anyone hears him laugh, they are awakened to pure joy. You can read a bit about his birth from the beginning of the 100 day challenge, but mostly you just have to look at the brilliant blues and the mischievous smile to get what I am talking about.  He carries a mix of an old and a playful soul and I adore him.

His cuddling companion is a precious reminder from my own childhood. Brewster the bear was purchased on a trip with my grandparents when I was only seven or eight. My granny and grandpa loaded us up in their Jeep Cherokee, attached  a pop-up camper to the back and drove us up to Yellowstone National Park. There we camped and cooked out, hiked and ate at fancy hotels. There are pictures of my sister, just a few years older than my nephew is now, sitting next to Brewster in my grandparents car. He is about as big as she is in those photos.

The warm history and memory of Brewster from my childhood knit together with my love and affection for the dear boy in these photos makes my whole outlook and love for this blessed life verge towards such extreme thankfulness that I feel a bit like crying. In a good way. In an, its-really-early-and-how-good-has-God-been-to-me psalmic inspiration that requires multiple exclamation points!!!



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