woman of valor (or, why everyone needs to read this book)

I have been pondering the P31 woman for a while and find that this blog says so much of what I want(ed) to say! Thanks to a friend who recommended it and thanks to the woman who wrote it!

An Abundance of Life

 I bought A Year of Biblical Womanhood three days before I boarded a plane to Africa. I’d been wanting to read Rachel Held Evans’ book for a while, but something kept me from the instant-gratification act of purchasing the ebook for my Kindle. I had a hunch that this would be the kind of book I would want to hold in my hands, to highlight and underline and dog-ear. The kind of book I would want to press into the hands of friends with hearty recommendations and minor threats of what would happen if the book wasn’t returned.

(I guess you could say I had high expectations.)

And I wasn’t disappointed. I read through the book in a week before passing it to my teammate Andi, who, three pages into the introduction, decided that every girl on my team needed to hear this and instantly began reading out loud. Thus…

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