Super Power

Did you know I have a super power? I haven’t quite figured out how to harness it for more good than evil, yet, but it exists. Over the years I have begun to recognize this force as it plays out in my love life and feel strongly that I could use it to help women all over the world, if I could just understand it more fully. I am still learning.


What is this extraordinary gift that I carry and wield?

I am able to identify capricious men from across thousands of miles of distance,

from within crowded rooms,

sometimes at just a few words of conversation.

My mom once said that I could be placed in a room of 100 single men and I would be attracted to the three that would fall into this variable temperament.  It is true. I once did it across international borders. See, I have this internal radar that hones in on someone that is irresolute, wanton, wayward. I don’t just single them out and identify them as fickle, that isn’t how the superpower works. It actually involves attraction and a desire on my part to connect more deeply with the highly unpredictable.

I thought for a while it was just a temporary gifting, perhaps some bad judgment on my part or a rough, but passing, season, but the years have proven my skill to be long lasting and I have recently decided to embrace my super power in order to use it fully to the benefit of mankind. Womankind, to be exact.

From what I have been able to discern so far, it works like a magnet. My logistical, yet adventurous, spirit is drawn to a stray man. The connection grows over a time until reaching a fulcrum, a tipping point into seriousness and then . . . unstable man turns to follow the next big idea, adventure, woman, or cause to my astonishment. And, to be honest, sometimes to his astonishment.

It might not seem so extraordinary until you view my track record.

Here I commit to you that I will never use this power against the people of Earth. It is my solemn vow that I learn to engage with responsibility and ensure that it is used to bring freedom and fullness to all of the women I meet.

If I could just figure out how to shift its magnetic powers . . .

21/100 // Pride 


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