Everything You Need to Know About Standing Rock

History and Context for Standing Rock…

The Little London Show

I went down the rabbit hole. Day after day I watched tweets and live video. I scanned for news (there wasn’t much) and I tried to untangle what is happening at Standing Rock. (If you don’t think it is tangled, you aren’t paying attention.) I conversed with friends and strangers, I searched for my own biases. I was offered a trip up there to see it for myself and I seriously considered (perhaps am still considering) the journey.

Standing Rock is set up to be a battle on many fronts. This battle is between several (seemingly) opposing forces: Oil and water. Industry and environment. White man and tribe. Profits and protection. Government and the people. Us versus them. Corporate interests against individual will. And on, and on.

The silence from the news media is almost deafening. Instead of being able to find accurate and explanatory timelines, there is nearly nothing…

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