Bucket List

In no particular order and subject to change:


1. Honestly be able to play the cello

2. Read the newspaper (or digital news-source) almost every morning for years and years

3. Write a book

3.5 Publish a book

4. Teach a class  English anyone? TESOL Certificate 2007; Central Asia, 2007; Asia 2008

5. Win a Pulitzer

6. Speak another language

7. Learn to bake cookies Peanut-butter, chocolate chip. Awesomeness.

8. Host a successful dinner party   Thanksgiving, a birthday party for a friend, and a house warming all successful 🙂 Yay!

9. Be consulted as an “expert”  A little media consult for my friends at Yobel Market International, officially approved by the board as an “expert”. 🙂

10. Become a wine connoisseur

11. Help launch an NGO that successfully combats a social issue in a particular community

12. Finish my degree   October 6, 2014 Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

13. Get publishing credits in the following:

13a. The New York Times

13b. Huffington Post

13c. Kinfolk Magazine

13d. DemocracyNow! or any other publication with Amy Goodman’s name on it

14. Hold a newborn Brody Asher Weitz, September 9th, 2011

#14, Hold a newborn. Check! I love my nephew!

15. Finish First Responder training & respond to something

16. Complete a wilderness survival course

17. Protest

18. Write a children’s book

19. Live overseas

20. Study abroad

21. Support a documentary film Done!  http://www.symbionomics.com/

22. Cross-country ski

23. Visit Whistler

24. See the Aurora Borealis

25. Sleep in a hammock on a beach

26. See flowing lava

27. Help build a house

28. Plant a garden     Vegetables are growing beautifully on my patio this season. I love playing in the dirt. 

29. Grow vegetables Harvesting fresh spinach as we speak. Tomato and herbs to come!

30. Own a collectors VW Bug Convertible

31. Backpack Europe

32. Live in Ireland

33. Own an island

34. Travel with my sister somewhere we have to use passports

35. Donate an organ

36. Change a paradigm

37. Attend a film premiere

38. Save a life

39. Learn to fly a helicopter/get my pilot’s license

40.  Live on a planet with multiple moons

41.  Be awarded an honorary doctorate

42. Be a keynote speaker

43. Have an office with 3/4 erasable wall space

44. Two words: “International Incident”

45. Live in a loft

46. Go to Cooking School/Take cooking classes.

47. Meet and talk with Amy Goodman

48. Host regular dinner parties/brunches and other gatherings at my house

more to come…


7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. As for No.6, I started to learn another language – Japanese – but past a certain level, I was unable to advance higher toward fluency. So I stopped. 😦

    I wouldn’t mind seeing flowing lava either, especially if it’s in Hawaii’s big island. Also, Aurora Borealis I wouldn’t mind, except change it to Aurora Australis, because I’m Australian… Though hey, trip to Canada anyone? That’d be cool…

    31’s an obvious must, although I would also add traveling to Japan.

    40’s obviously the least likely to happen in this lifetime on that list. But hey, good luck in changing a paradigm! I imagine its harder than it sounds, and not just because people get attached to their paradigms…

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