img-thingI have the privilege of being surrounded by amazing people. In my times of confusion and need and wonder, they often say the most caring, wise, thoughtful, humorous things and I dreamt of keeping a record.  All these are directly said to me, from someone I know with insight and life in them. They’ve changed my world.

“People who are lying to themselves are threatened by other’s honestly. But that’s not your responsibility.” – Scott

“Don’t edit yourself for my sake…” – Danny

“Your vulnerability is beautiful” – Star

“Just go slow and keep your sense of direction.” – Mom

“Everyone is a little crazy. It is just a matter of finding out what kind of crazy you are willing to deal with.” – Mom

“You can’t tip toe around crazy people” -Jess

“You have got to be one of the most comforting people to be around. I swear . . . You could bring calm to even the most savage.” Dizzy


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