I kneel in searing sand

My garment pinned to the earth beneath my knees,

Dry, cracked, worn hands, and desperate, longing, face exposed.

Sweat beads on my neck and I look upward.

The sun meets my gaze burning, blazing, blinding me.

My hair tangled in the stickiness of my skin and my breath caught in the heat

My heart ablaze

My chest on fire

My hands reach up to block the glare and focus on what I can not see


sticky, dripping, thick before me


dripping, sticky, wet before me


Blown into wounds cut into flesh,


Blown across my face and wet cheeks

I can not breathe

I can not breathe

I tremble

in fear

in grief

in disbelief

I shudder

not from cold, nor heat

but loss


The breaking of my heart and dreams.

The breaking of bones before me

The last gasp of air that I can hear


Silence in heaven

on Earth.



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