3/100 // Love

Today’s writing challenge is about Love. I have to be honest. I don’t want to write about Love. I have filled this blog with stories of heartbreaklove un-returned, love not reconciled, left-over love and love poured out, undeserved.

What more is there to write about Love?

Love is a mystery to me. A swirling, crazy mystery housed in a deep well.

I have caught glimpses of the water in the well we draw love from.  Though I have before attempted to love, I have made no dent in it’s offering.  I see myself as I stand near this well alone in the heat of the day longing to draw deeply and give much.

The choice is this. I can grow desperate in the thirst and seek another well. I can wear myself out carrying  pails of water in the sweltering heat. Trying. Striving. Attempting to have my fill in my own strength with my impostor spring.


Or, I can sit in the cool of the garden nearby. I can rest my tired bones and slow my anxious heart. I can soak in the beauty that flourishes and stay in that moment waiting for my time to sip the perfect spring waters.

I choose the garden. I choose the blooms and growth, the grass under my feet. I choose to enjoy the moment. I choose to rest and let time and life take course before me

For this is all I know about Love: Love never fails. 


3 thoughts on “3/100 // Love

  1. Perfect timing for me to read this. I’m in need of cooling off, choosing the garden and letting my love life (in all its forms) grow without me overtending, overweeding, overwatering, or overanalyzing it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this blog post.

    • Amen and Amen. I am with you. Practicing rest and mindfulness. Enjoying a moment without over analyzing. Letting the world be as it is today without desiring that all be more in line with the story I made up in my head. Respecting the great mystery and believing the best.

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